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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reflecting on the Utter GREATNESS of my 7th Bell Poetry Class (which just so happens to have the best group of kids in the world --> Represent)

To look back on my initial step into the poetic world makes me laugh noticing the extreme conservative style of my writing. From my poem titled "Fort" to "The Language of a Tomato," I realize my inner voice instructED me to rhyme every other line. Looking back, however to my more recent poems, I have noticed my writing to break away from standards and set rules. This breaking away, I believe, is the true beauty of poetry, just like Mrs. Lewis taught us. My 7th bell class has shown me that poetry can be anything you want it to be.

In poetry, the word "unique" should be outlawed, because every time the pen strikes the page, something new is created...everything is then "unique."


  1. This post goes somewhere very different from the rest of this blog, which I liked. You've given a glimpse of yourself, not just reported information. Your realization about the changes in your writing style shows that you care about your craft, and wrapping that observation in a shout-out to your class was a clever way of putting together a post in a blog about rap and hip hop.

  2. Aw, Casey this was way touching. You really made this about you and personal. And the best part is, you reflected it on Poetry. (which I know Mrs. Lewis would be oh so proud of ) Great Job, loved it.