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Saturday, February 13, 2010


What is it exactly? Referred to as the "artistic sister" of the Black Power Movement, the Black Arts Movement is a movement during the 1960s and '70s in Harlem, which altered the American mindset of literature as well as add ethnicity to great American authors and poets.

Most works produced from the Black Arts Movement focused on African American culture. The importance of black men and women in America also was key.

Amiri Baraka, formerly known as LeRoi Jones, a writer and activist, was credited for starting the movement. After Malcolm X's assassination in 1965, Baraka moved from Manhattan's Lower East Side to Harlem. He then founded The Black Arts Repertory Theatre/School. The The Black Arts Repertory Theatre/School was an inspiration for people wanting to create a "strong aesthetic" in American theatre.

The Black Arts Movement inspired and KEEPS inspiring artists and musicians today. It is safe to say there would be no Jay Z, no Lil' Wayne, no Stevie Wonder, no Kid Cudi, no 2 Pac, no Biggie...no Hip-Hop, if not for the Black Arts Movement.

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