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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Leak

The song "The Leak" by Lil twist and Lil wayne reminds me of several different styles and techniques that we have read and written about. The first technique that Lil' twist does, is reference many, many social and historical people and things. In the first verse he compares himself to chubby checker and in the second he references Miley Cyrus and the Jonas brothers. In the 4th verse he begins to reference god; then he says he does the harlem shake (Harlem Renaissance anyone?) When Lil Wayne comes on he makes tons of social references too. He has two two of repitition of words and syllables. He says : Im the hip hop rocker, Im the hip hop doctor. The way that they rhyme in this song sounds almost like a poem rather than a song.

If you compare "The Leak" to the type of rap songs that were created in the 80's there are some similarities and differences. This song, like many that we have studied, is making a statement about society. This song depictis what the life of a rapper is supposed to be like. Hip Hop groups like NWA and Public Enemy were trying to adress society's problems through their music. I feel that this song isn't so much addressing problems but stereotypes. I feel like the style of rap has changed. I feel like it just has a diffrent sound and flavor.

I feel like I've just written two posts about strong women and now im analyzing a song that is somewhat derogatory towards them. I dont know why it is but in general, many women dont think that rap music today is degrading to women, eventhough many women would be offended if they heard comments like those made in rap songs in real life. I listen to alot of rap and hip hop and I never find any of it offensive because I focus my attention on the music and the rhyme rather than the meaning of the song.
Click Here to listen to "The Leak" and see pictures of Lil Twist and Lil Wayne.

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  1. I think it was a really good topic, because a lot of people know who lil wayne is and therefore it's more influential. I thought you did a great job and continue to love hip hop and poetry:)