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Monday, February 22, 2010

Hip-Hop Music of the '80s

Hip-Hop, now in the development stage, became increasingly more complex. Artists began to incorporate a "cut and paste" technique, shout-outs, as well as echos and other sound effects.

Technology such as drum machines, were introduced during the '80s. The Oberheim DMX and the Roland TR-808 were prominent in songs produced in the '80s. Further improvements on the drum machines allowed for more memory to hold songs, and opened up new doors for creative production.

Electro music, a sub-genre of Hip-Hop, also had increasing interest from wide-opened-eared listeners. Cybotron, Hashim, Planet Patrol and Newcleus were all important Electro genre musicians. However, the most notable was the great Afrika Bambaataa, whose hit "Planet Rock" took the genre to the next plateau.

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  1. This is an interesting post, I only wish it were longer. I like reading about the influence of technology on the evolution of music, and this just gave me a little taste. If you're wondering about a topic for your next post, I'd suggest looking into the progression of Jamaican dub and it's connections/influences to hip hop and rap.