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Friday, February 26, 2010

Poetry class

I have gotten SOO much out of poetry class. I have made new friends, learned more about classic poems and poets than I ever thought that I would know, and I made fantastic memories. I love my little seventh bell poetry family.

Throughout my time in the class, I have evolved as a poet. I discovered my own personal style and learned how I can play with it and alter it. Typically my poetry is rhymy and cutsie, like something out of a childrens book. After taking this class though I want to experiment a little and see if I can make something new work. Towards the end of class i was starting to take inspiration from other poets. I have also learned that I dont have to play it so safe when it comes to poetry. It is ok to do something different and controversial (look at ee cummings).

My perspective of poetry has changed because I no longer think poetry is so hard. When I used to think about poetry i thought it had to be something deep and emotional that followed rules. I know now that poetry can be whatever you want it to be. "There are no rules in poetry". Poetry is a wonderful tool to express yourself. Ive never considered myself a poet, but maybe ill start to write poems just for fun.

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